Treasury Bills & Government Bonds Trading

The bank sells and buys Government securities on both the secondary and primary markets. This may be from the client’s portfolio when the bank is buying, or from the banks own portfolio when selling. Trading is done at competitive rates and may be done on an outright or repurchase basis (REPO).

Commercial Paper

When available, the bank does trade in US Dollar or Kwacha denominated commercial paper.

MoneyGram Service

Money transfer service for sending and receiving money across 334,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories around the world. The service is available throughout our branch network to both account holders and non- account holders.

Investrust Bank Plc (IBP) is a public limited liability company and is incorporated under the Companies Act of 1994. The Bank is licensed under the Banking & Financial Services Act of 1994 (as amended in 2000) to conduct commercial banking services and has a primary listing of the Lusaka Stock Exchange.

Latest Portfolio

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